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Passionately made.
Technically Sound.
Robust Hi-Powered speakers.

Speaker Drivers that are made for India.


Dynamite! Drivers that are made
for India.

Dynamite is at par with any international sound tech with added bonus of being designed especially for Indian weather and usage.


Dynamite takes pride in being the most cost-effective brand. The spare parts are available at ease and not just at a reasonable price, but are also 100% original.


The quality is not compromised at any stage. Dynamite is the choice of every smart Indian, who wants the best cost-effective acoustic solution with top notch quality control and desires to minimise the nuisance of maintenance.


Designed by world's top designers, assembled abroad and tested in India using the most cutting-edge materials and highly refined components.

Dynamite speakers. 

Passionately made.

Technically sound.

Robust hi-power speaker.


Official Distributor Of

Clio Speaker Testing Equipment.

Dynamite Speaker Driver

about dynamite

Passionately made.

In a country, where passion supersedes every emotion. Dynamite is a leading Indian brand where our audio engineers curate next generation speakers with high levels of acoustic performance.

Technically sound.

Our drivers are designed in FEMM and other latest software, right from early design stages to yield outstanding performance. We are one of the few brands tested on CLIO, the industry standard testing software so we can flaunt our unrivalled products.

Robust hi- power speaker.

Hot lanes. Dusty outdoors. Welcome to India. Dynamite is known to play all day long with soaring temperatures, crowded streets with a very consistent sound that verifies its widely known durability. The resilient make of our drivers set an industry milestone when it comes to robust speakers with minimal maintenance.

ANC About Us

Official Distributor Of

Clio Speaker Testing Equipment

CLIO pocket

it’s going to
get loud, now!

The only drivers that are made in line with the harsh Indian weather and rough on road ruggedness. The drivers are known to endure abuse when it comes to be played all day long in rallies and round the clock pandals in worst climate one can imagine. DESIGNED FOR INDIA BY INDIANS. 

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